Update theme and plugins.

Update theme

  1. Install Envato Plugin and activate it;
  2. Go to https://build.envato.com/create-token/ page and generate an Envato API token;
  3. Give your token a name, agree to the terms and click on the “Create Token” button;
  4. Copy the generated token;
  5. From the dashboard go to Envato Market and paste your token in the Token line.

Now that you have the Envato Market plugin set up.

From the dashboard go to “Appearance > Themes” and see if there is any updates.

Update plugins

  • Go to “Settings > General”;
  • Fill the Envato purchase code;
  • Follow the notice to update the plugins

Change log #

1 April 2024

  • Add repeat all/once on player
  • Add text marquee on player
  • Change the download logical
  • Improve player error msg
  • Upgrade to php 8.3

23 February 2024

  • Add album/playlist/single filter in admin (play block)
  • Add key+key search (play block)
  • Add zip to download album (play block)
  • upgrade to php 8.2
  • upgrade to WordPress 6.4.3

21 December 2023

  • Add playlist post type
  • Change twitter icon to x and add tiktok
  • Get cover image from audio if exist
  • Improve the station archive page
  • Improve the play_output_content function

2 November 2023

  • Update to WordPress 6.3.2
  • Add back the Gutenberg global css(removed since WP 6.2)(theme)
  • Add loading progress(theme)
  • Add support browser history back button(theme)
  • Improve the play block settings(play block plugin)
  • Config the day/week/month/year count in settings(play block plugin)

4 September 2023

  • Update to WordPress 6.3
  • Add buy button on player for Woocommerce and EasyDigitalDownload
  • Improvements and issue fixes

27 June 2023

  • Add filter list style on Loop block
  • Add preview label on player and trigger login popup when preview end on Play block

12 June 2023

  • Add auto create station when upload audio/video file in media library
  • Play whole playlist/album when click single track
  • Improve loop block css variables

19 April 2023

  • Add support to play Spotify link
  • Add play block attributes
  • Add play block resources
  • Add Youtube import
  • Add Simple membership limit on per page
  • Improve the waveform
  • Allow Purchase and Buy buttons on Woocommerce product
  • Fix social login redirection

17 February 2023

  • Remove WordPress global style
  • Remove duotone svg filter
  • Add filter to disable password strength meter
  • Add media loop
  • Fix player error message on Firefox

2 January 2023

  • Add duration on loop block.
  • Show error message on player
  • Add disable ajax popup
  • Replace hooker with wp.hooks
  • Add disable ajax on post
  • Add verified badge on loop list
  • Slider on mobile
  • Add ad content on loop block


  • Update loop block/play block plugins to WP 6.1
  • Notification when publish in admin panel
  • Add filter to icons


  • Improve the blocks layout on navigation/button/socialLinks/group/ blocks
  • Add default play on play block
  • wp.components.ServerSideRender; to wp.ServerSideRender; on loop block
  • Copy embed code and url on share modal


  • Update to WordPress 6.0.2
  • Order search by relevance (play block)
  • Add heading on filter(loop block)
  • Improve css.
  • Fix loop block on plugin page


  • Center active menu on page/user navigation
  • Add play count on loop
  • Fix bugs


  • Add include_child in tax_query on loop block
  • Add play_from_album filter to use album link on album tracks
  • Add [play_profile_form] shortcode
  • Add player history control in admin panel
  • Fix the_content filter for sidebar/sidefooter/footer
  • Fix Block layout


  • Add play control to unregister user
  • Add password meter
  • Add thumbnail ratio for loop block
  • Add translate text for login/register/lostpwd/resetpwd
  • Fix comment date


  • Upgrade to WordPress 6.0
  • Add csv import
  • Add meta type on loop block
  • Add filter to count/redirect timeout
  • Improve dropdown menu on mobile
  • Improve css/rtl


  • Move meta values to separate tables (Thanks David)
  • Add login_form register_form actions on templates
  • Do not set theme color when no theme switch option
  • Use js to get audio BPM
  • Add rank support for mysql 8
  • Improve the user endpoints
  • Improve downloading file for remote url
  • Improve php stream file for radio
  • Improve slide on touch screen


  • Add endpoints control on user profile page
  • Add rewrite to station/genre/artist/mood/activity
  • Add notifications control
  • Use templates/REST API for login/register/resetpwd
  • Add genre to single when bulk upload on front-end form
  • Add thumbnail on EDD/WOO category/tag
  • Improve the Loop Block plugin
  • Improve icecast/shoutcast/azuracast
  • Fix progress bar when set preview length.
  • Deprecated the captcha


  • Add slider loop option on loop block plugin
  • Improve the login/register/reset password forms
  • Update to WordPress 5.9
  • Fixes


  • Add filters
  • Add translation on player
  • Improve menu on mobile
  • Fix embed issue


  • Add preview limit roles
  • Add support import mixcloud and use mixcloud widgetapi to play music
  • Fix import youtube thumbnail and hearthis waveform data


  • Add i18n to player
  • Add custom retrive password url/email
  • Add recapcha on register form
  • Add number on notification icon
  • Improve menus
  • Fix rtl


  • Add activation/register email in setting
  • Add loop-inline template in loop block
  • Add cart icon on navbar for Woocommerce and EDD
  • Add more actions and filters
  • Fixes and improvements


  • Add play/pause status on playlist/album and items
  • Add archive/album download
  • Add support to Chrome navigator media hub (next/prev/title/artwork)
  • Fixes and improvements


  • Add captions for audio and video
  • Add loading on header search bar
  • Search result with artist name instead of user name.
  • Add option for download shortcode, support button=”true” download=”Download now” delay=”6000″.
  • Improve loop block post__in/author__in/include parameter, avoid long query string
  • Fix play soundcloud since the api changed. removed the soundcloud clientID
  • Fixes and improvements


  • Add delete account on profile page
  • Disable save when uploading files
  • Get audio id3 data
  • Add pip/settings on player
  • Fix loop block with xp-nonce


  • Improve station archive page to show relative taxonomy dropdown
  • Update plyr to 3.6.8
  • Hide player controls when playing video on fullscreen
  • Add settings updated notice
  • Fix Soundcloud import
  • Fix stream url
  • Fix vimeo fullscreen on mobile


  • Add drag to seek play on Mobile
  • Close share modal to close playing embed sound
  • Add share profile page
  • Add play_notification filter to disable notifications
  • Fix search result page template
  • Fix search result when post do not assign any taxonomy
  • Fix activation email when register


  • Move play block settings from page “Settings > General” to “Stations > Settings”
  • Add “Stream media file” to mask the local hosted files
  • Add listen “Preview length” to non-register user
  • Fix loop block plugin bug on WordPress 5.8


  • Improve the loop/play block plugins ajax, move to REST API to improve the speed. NOTE: DOT NOT disable REST API
  • Fix comment-reply.min.js violation
  • Fix embed iframe text color on dark mode
  • Fix search on admin
  • Fix playlist can not edit when it’s unplayable


  • Add auto type to playlist/album, use loop block to build the list in the content.
  1. Go to admin to Add playlist station
  2. Choose “Auto type”
  3. Add loop block to list the stations, select “loop-tracks.php” template and use “block-loop-row block-loop-index album-tracks” class on the advanced tab (Additional CSS class(es)).
  • Add support to save billing address on EDD 3.0


  • Add more filters
  • Fix loop block style
  • Fix EDD billing address on profile page


  • Add support to PHP8 and Mysql8
  • Add upload/download/ad-free role control
  • Fix slide on RTL
  • Fix hearthis.at waveform data
  • Fix youtube thumbnail


  • Add groupby on loop block. groupby=post_author
  • Disable ajax notification when user not logged in
  • Add support to select mp3/mp4 file on iOS
  • Add verified user can use upload stream
  • Add message when upload failed
  • Add notification on new comments
  • Improve artist separation
  • Fix remove confirm
  • Fix ads interval
  • Fix save verified user
  • Fix import youtube/soundcloud thumbnail


  • Improve Player, remove mute on ios. youtube and vimeo need click again when player source changed
  • Reconnect to live stream after pause/play
  • Add ajax on notification link
  • Improve duration field on upload form
  • Improve the menu style on mobile
  • Fixed iOS can not select mp3 when using upload form


  • Add range filter on loop block range::[field]__min-max[title] eg woocommerce product range::_price__0-99[Price] range::bpm__120-200[BPM]
  • Ajax to pull the notification and add new dot icon on new notification
  • Add upload download file on upload form
  • only (product and download) purchased user can download file.
  • Woocommerce: save as virtual downloadable product and save download files.
  • EDD: save to edd_download_files
  • Add post list on user profile page.
  • Add support to vimeo


  • Add notification. support like/follow/comment/playlist/download. no upload notification(it will create many records in the database). can use add_filter('play_block_upload_notification', '__return_true'); to enable it. it’s better to use the loop block to create a following block on homepage.
  • Add support custom sql to loop block plugin, check the notification class example.
  • Improve the loop block filter
  • Improve the user profile, remove stream, add popular, albums, playlists, singles
  • (if you still want the following stream, use the loop block(order by user following) to build a section and put it on the homepage)


  • Add multi taxonomy filter on loop block
  • Improve the video on iOS, only one click to play
  • Add iosNative for iOS to play video on fullscreen
  • Update artwork on Azuracast
  • Merge actions from David
  • Fix play .m3u8 as video
  • Fix youtube play on embed share


  • Improve the EDD
  • Improve the loop query
  • Add option to disable upload online stream
  • Add list on embed
  • Improve the video on small screen
  • Improve the duration input
  • Import hearthis and soundcloud waveform data
  • Add support to import youtube title/description/duration/artwork
  • Add support to play and update playing title from AzuraCast server
  • Merge filters and actions from David 👍.


  • Add support to EDD
  • Add label on albom
  • Add login modal on download link
  • Improve the shortcode on wp_register_form wp_login_form and wp_lostpassword_form
  • Fix the login modal


  • Add embed on share modal
  • Add transition on content
  • Add find_in_set in loop block meta compare
  • Add duration on playlist/album
  • Add “Featured on” on single station
  • Add ads interval option
  • Add copyright on front-end upload form
  • Improve the comment form
  • Fix like on login page
  • Merge the security fixes from David 👍.


  • Add Woocommerce support
  • Add no-ajax on menu-item
  • Add no-player on spec page
  • Fix player
  • Fix ajax