Play Block

Use Play Block to manage the audio, radio, video and livestream.

Configuration #

Go to dashboard “Stations > Settings” to config the settings.

Single station #

To use Play Block, The post type must have the Gutenberg Block Editor.

  1. Create/Edit a station
  2. Click on the “Play” icon on the editor bar
  3. Choose “Single” for “Type” to add single station.

Stream field: Required for single type, you can use remote url or upload local media file. support audio, video, online stream.

Duration: Million seconds for stream file.

Waveform: sound waveform data, fill the “Stream” field and click the waveform icon button to get waveform data.

Album and playlist #

  1. Add New/Edit a station
  2. On the Play Block, Select album/playlist for “Type”;
  3. Input single station title to search station;
  4. Select single station when stations popup.

Front-end submission #

  1. Go to “Settings > General” to select “Anyone can register”;
  2. Choose “Contributor” for “New User Default Role”;
  3. Contributor can use the upload form to submit their own station.

“Subscriber” user can not use the upload form but can create playlist.