Frequently asked questions

How to play hearthis.at or soundcloud.com url?

Go to Hearthis.at or Soundcloud.com and copy track url, paste into the “Stream” field and click the cloud icon button under the “Stream” field. wait the code to populate the data from remote server, then click “Publish” button.

How to play Icecast or Shoutcast with updating song’s title?

Find the Icecast or Shoutcast live stream url and add “&icecast” or “&shoutcast” after the url.

How to play Youtube and Youtube music?

Go to Youtube.com or and copy the watch url eg: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=LwzN_v7GPMs&list=RDAMVMu2BV57EEv4g and paste into the “Stream” field to play Youtube.

How to create VAST tag by using Google Ad Manager?

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager
  2. Click on Inventory Ad Units
  3. Choose an existing ad unit and click on Tags
  4. You will need to complete the 4-step process. This includes selecting and setting the Tag typeTag optionsAdditional tag parameters, and Tag results. Click on Continue after each step. 
  5. Click on Copy Tag

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